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About Adrian Fisher Design

"It has been a delight to work with such an innovative and professional company as Adrian Fisher's..." 

Mark Fisher, Director, Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd, England  

About Adrian Fisher Design Limited

Adrian an Marie FisherAdrian Fisher is recognised as the world's leading designer and expert authority on mazes.

Run from the family estate in Dorset (UK) by Adrian & Marie Fisher, Adrian Fisher Limited has transformed the traditional idea of getting lost into state of the art attractions, experiences and adventures, using highly creative and internationally award winning designs.

Adrian Fisher Design specialises in the delivery of walk through attractions, Mirror Mazes, Action Adventures, Panel Mazes, Water Mazes, Laser Mazes, Door Mazes, Corn Mazes, Hedge Mazes and Puzzle Design.


Uncompromising Quality

210 x 210 Mirror Maze Aquarium WallsAdrian Fisher Design Limited celebrated 30 years of Maze design in 2009.

The company sees its work in creating mazes as visitor attractions as an art form and each client benefits from world class design coupled with innovative design and build quality that is unrivalled in the industry.

The company's approach to building quality attractions is best summed up by the words of Tim Gantz, Director of Noah's Ark (America's Largest water park), "I visited a local competitor's mirror maze and found that the end result was vastly inferior to our own Adrian Fisher Mirror Maze.  The difference is immeasurable."

Worldwide Scope

The Mirror Maze at Hyderabad in India

Adrian Fisher Design has created over 300 full-size mazes since 1979, attracting over 3 million visitors a year.

Adrian Fisher Design is active on over 20 countries across 5 continents.

The company fully appreciates the social, cultural and climatic patterns of different regions and countries.

Wherever you are, Adrian Fisher Design brings the strength and diversity of worldwide experience to your project.

 Unparalleled Expertise

Adrian Fisher - The Mirror Maze ManHaving pioneered the modern Mirror Maze since 1991 and created half the world's Mirror Mazes since that time, Adrian Fisher Design can realistically claim to be the world's leading authority on Mirror Maze design.

Adrian Fisher mazes can be found in a wide range of locations including historic houses, castles and palaces, theme parks, zoos, city centres and farms as well as private gardens and estates.

Put simply, if you are considering a Mirror maze project then your venture could not be in safer hands than those of Adrian Fisher Design.

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