Mirror Maze
Meet Adrian Fisher

Meet Adrian Fisher - Master of The Mirror Maze

The Palace of Sweets, Wildwood, New Jersey USA

The Project 

Bob Masterson and Adrian Fisher

Thrill seekers and puzzle enthusiasts will love Wildwood's newest maze attractions: Adventure Mirror Maze and The Vault laser maze challenge.

The mirror maze isn't your typical house of mirrors - it's a complex series of twists and turns that, on average, takes 15 minutes to complete. The position and angles of the mirrors were designed to make it as challenging as possible.

The Vault laser maze is a high-tech update of a classic maze. The challenge is to go through the maze as fast as possible and to touch four mission buttons without getting hit by the dozens of stationary and moving lasers. The maze has levels of difficulty from easy to expert


A Mark 7 Adrian Fisher Mirror Maze

Worldwide Portfolio - N America - 210 x 210Our first Mark 7 Mirror Maze. Its compact modular unit packs in more cells for maximum puzzlement!

In an Adrian Fisher mirror maze, you can really get totally lost! But the difference is in the way you get totally lost - in a wondrous creation of artistry, shapes, lighting and soundtrack that excite and overload the senses, thus adding to the puzzlement. And because storyline is so important to us we pursue those customised details that make every Adrian Fisher mirror maze so special.






The Story

The Sweets in the palaceThe Palace of Sweets on Moreys Pier, Wildwood, New Jersey, is purpose built so that you really are entering a Palace of Sweets.  The theme of the Mirror Maze is about a Prince and Princess who live in a palace full of sweets. Their wise tutor tells them they must learn all about how to make them before they can eat more and so the sweets are turned by magic into pictures.

Venturing out in search of discovery, the children bravely traverse through the Dark Forest and finally come to the Candy Glade where they find out all they need to know amongst all the candy tubes and gloopy sweet machine. The lights constantly changing colour, the amazing music and the incredibly confusing reflections all add to the fun of this mind-bending experience. When they (and you) reach the end, there are as many sweets as you could ever want.  But first, you may choose the added challenge of entering the Lazer Maze chamber - where more adventure awaits! 


 The Client Said...

Palace of sweets at nightBob Masterson, former head of Ripleys and IAAPA, readily describes this maze as "the finest mirror maze I have ever seen in America". 

"The geometry of the mirrors is so perfect you can see from one end to the other," says Bob.

"The mirror designs add to the experience; they're so precisely placed that it would look like someone is directly ahead of you but they're actually 15 turns ahead of you."

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